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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

In CFA, we have professionals who know when and how to take business decisions at all times. We know that good planning and execution of various operations generate benefits which can not be ignored.

The various situations that occur at the level of management, the partners or shareholders and natural persons are subject to the provisions of current tax law. That is why for sound decision-making of the company and the persons composing is essential to have an accurate and early planning.

In CFA, we seek the optimal taxation of companies, partners, shareholders, or natural persons, through the best choices, reporting on the various franchises established by legislation and planning the future of their operations.

We evaluate complex scenarios that require special attention: corporate reorganizations, new business strategies, mergers and acquisitions and all kinds of changes in operations.

CFA also advises individuals looking at succession planning and transfer of property, evaluating decisions and advising our clients in compliance with business regulation in Chile.

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Tax Planning