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Doing Business in Chile

For the foreign investors that come to Chile, CFA is proud to assist you regarding the accounting, tax, financial and legal aspects that your company require in order to start your business and consolidate it here in Chile.

We advice you regarding the project structuring, mainly from a tax perspective for capital structure, debt-equity, loan-interests treatment, dividends and withdrawals treatment, corporate taxes, and all with a legal background advice granted by our lawyers, public accountants and auditors.

The various situations that occur at the level of the company, partners or shareholders and natural persons are subject to the provisions of current tax legislation. That is why in order to make decisions about the company’s projects, it’s essential to have an accurate and anticipated plan.

In CFA we look for the optimal financial structures, always bearing in mind the taxes that levy companies, their partners, shareholders or natural persons, through the best elections, informing of the different franchises established by current legislation and planning the future of their operations.

We evaluate complex scenarios that require planning, such as those derived from business reorganizations, business strategies, acquisitions and all types of operations.

We provide you with a professional advice and inform you of the obligations towards the Chilean public authorities such as Central Bank of Chile, Chilean Internal Revenue Service, Chilean Treasury, Custom operations, Real Estate Registry, Commerce Registry, Civil Registry, among other institutions.

CFA also advises natural persons who seek investments, evaluating and advising the decisions of our clients.

Don’t miss the opportunity of working together and expand your business. We would be proud to assist you.

Doing Business in Chile